Freight Bogies in Use in NSW

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Type Category Plain or Roller Bearing Model With Comments
2AE Riveted Drop Frame Plain 2AE  
2AP Andrews Plain 2BR  
2AQ/AQA Curved Frame Roller XC/XSC (black)  
2AR/ARA Curved Frame Roller XC/XSC (black) bogie has slight curve on top
2AS/ASA Top Hanger Clasp brake Roller 2CG  
2AT/ATA Horizontal Frame Roller 2AT Guards Van
2BJ Cast Drop Frame Plain 2AE heavily modified Rebuilt bogies have roller bearings
2BN Curved Frame Plain 2BP  
2BO Curved Frame Roller 2CF Roller bearing version of 2BT
2BP Curved Frame Plain 2BP  
2BQ/BQA Curved Frame Plain or Roller 2CF  
2BR Andrews Plain 2BR  
2BT Curved Frame Plain 2BP  
2BV/BVA/BVB Curved Frame Roller 2CF  
2BY Curved Frame / Bettendorf Roller ? has unusual bulge on top, above bearing
2BZ Curved Frame Roller 2CF Roller bearing equivalent of 2BQ
2CB/XBA Curved Frame Roller XSC (black)/ XC/2CL bogie has slight curve on top
2CC Bottom Hanger Clasp Brake Roller 2CH  
2CD Top Hanger Clasp brake Roller 2CG  
2CE Bottom Hanger Clasp Brake Roller 2CH  
2CF/XFA/ CFB/CFC/CFD Curved Frame Roller 2CF  
2CF-L Curved Frame Roller 2CF  
2CG/XCG/ XGA/XGB/XGC Top Hanger Clasp Brake Roller 2CG  
2CH/XCH/XHA/XHB/ XHC/XHD Bottom Hanger Clasp Brake Roller 2CH  
2CJ Bottom Hanger Clasp Brake Roller 2CH  
2CK Top Hanger Clasp brake Roller 2CG  
2CL/XCL/XLA/XLB Straight Frame Roller 2CL/XSC silver  
2CM/YMA/ YMB/YMC Rigid Frame Roller 2CM  
2CN/WNA/WNB Rigid Frame Roller 2CM (9.6mm wheels)  
2CO Curved Frame Roller 2CF  
2CQ Top Hanger Clasp brake Roller 2CG  
2DA Bottom Hanger Clasp Brake Roller 2CH  
2DB/DBA Straight Frame Roller 2CL/XSC silver  
2SA Horizontal Frame Plain 2AT Guards Van
Gloucester / DCA Rigid Frame Roller Gloucester  
70t and modern 70t and modern Roller US model bogies  
EBA 70t and modern Roller ?  

The NSW modeler is well serviced by a number of manufacturers who produce a wide range of quality bogies suitable for use on models representing freight wagons dating from the end of the Second World War to the current day.

The following table lists several businesses producing good quality, free-rolling HO scale standard gauge plastic bogies with metal wheels. The list includes only relatively modern image freight bogies and a couple of these businesses also produce passenger bogies or bogies more appropriate for an earlier era.

AR Kits
B0012CF / XFA
B0022CL / XCL
B0032CG / XCG
B0042CH / XCH
B0052BP (plain bearing)
B0092AT / ATA
Steam Era Models
B7XSC Silver Spring
B8XSC Black Spring
B3VR Bar Frame (Archbar)
B11VR Diamond Frame
On Track Models
 2BP (plain bearing)
Auscision Models
AM10040XSC Silver Spring

In addition, there are other sources of HO bogies including cast brass bogies for some of the more unusual types such as the 2SA, cast white metal bogies, slightly lower quality plastic bogies with plastic wheel sets and imported bogies of foreign prototypes that closely match Australian bogies. As yet no Australian manufacturer produces a 70 ton bogie, however the prototype 70 t bogies have come from the US and a number of the major American model manufacturers produce HO bogies suitable for Australian models. Hanovale carries one such bogie and includes it in several kits. The only issue with the American-made bogies is that they have 26mm long axles whereas most Australian HO scale bogies have 25mm axles, so they are not interchangeable. And finally, there are some bogies for which there is no suitable HO model available anywhere; one example is the Manildra MGFH hopper.

There are several publications with photographs and descriptions of NSW freight bogies although they tend to be difficult to obtain.

  • Railway Freight Wagons in New South Wales 1982, J Beckhaus, ARHS NSW, 1982
  • Bogie Booklet, PTC NSW
  • New South Wales Freight Wagon Bogies, James Dalton, in Australian Journal of Railway Modelling #10, pp13 - 19 (is probably the most easily obtainable reference and can still be found in some model railway shops and at exhibitions).
  • Coaching Stock of the NSW Railways, Eveleigh Press, 2003 has a fine section on passenger bogies with mention of a handful of freight bogies that have appeared on passenger trains.
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